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A full service video production company will be able to provide in-house pre-production, production and post-production services for all of your video projects. Transform your brand with a variety of Studio-produced videos, such as interview based, product, training, branding and customer testimonials. We specialize in producing black content and media.


We handle all elements of your video production from beginning to end. This includes strategy, creative development, messaging, script writing, booking locations and talent, the actual production, the post-production work and the delivery of your video. A full service production company makes things easy for you so that you don’t have to involve yourself in the video production process any more than you want to. Whether your goal is a national commercial, diverse social media content, or just a local company promo reel, we give premium attention to all budgets and project sizes.

  • Broadcast
  • Feature/Short films
  • Behind the Scene Footage
  • Commercials
  • Company Promotional Videos
  • Pre-roll Ads
  • Social Videos






Who owns the raw footage?

Once I shoot and edit the video, I retain ownership of the footage. You are welcome to embed the final video in your properties (website, social media, YouTube, etc.) with the exception of repurposing the content for competing media sites. However, it is possible to purchase the raw footage at a cost of $100 + the cost of an external hard drive. SLE Production retains the right to use the material for promotional purposes.


How long will you keep the footage?

I guarantee the footage to be archived for 3 months.


Who writes the copy?

Usually the client writes the copy, however, if you need a narrative-style script written, please supply me with bullet points, and I can write it for $150.


What if I want additional editing/revisions?

The first revision is free of charge. Additional changes will incur an hourly fee of $50.


Do you shoot High Definition Video?

Yes, we can shoot in High Definition and full HD, including 4K using the Sony FS5. 


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