Sophia Ellis, CEO & Lead Videographer

Meet the Queen with the a Dream

Cinematographer/Director/Screenwriter Sophia L Ellis grew up in Queens, New York. After completing her Masters in Project Management and an 18 year obligation with the Army Reserves, she eagerness for writing and film started to blossom. She wrote several books to include three children’s books, a romance novel titled My King looks like Me, and co-author to the best-selling Camouflage Sister, Behind The Rank: Vol. 1. But she couldn’t stop there. She attended Full Sail University and completed her Associate in Digital Cinematography. Upon graduation, Sophia directed the short crime-drama film ‘Power, Love, Karma’ that was Officially Selected for the Capital City Black Film Festival. After working as a crew member on several shorts and feature films, this film is her directorial debut. She then wrote, produced and directed Call Waiting, Her Legacy, Loyalty, and her novel turned feature film ‘My King Looks Like me’. ‘My King Looks Like Me’ screenplay was the Semi-Finalist in the Louisiana LGBT+ Film Festival. She has over 20 motion picture ideas that ranges from comedic TV series to murder-mystery. She has been featured on several podcasts, magazines, radio stations, news articles, and across major social media platforms. Her main career goal is to build a production studio under this company name and become a voice for black narrative.


Lid'ya Moore, Co-Founder

Meet the Director, Screenwriter, & Co-Producer

Lid’ya C. Moore, is a Director, Screenwriter, Producer and Active Duty service member with a profound passion for film and advocating various societal issues. As a creator, she has successfully written and directed the first project created on Vitiligo titled, “Beauty Marks.” She has also co-directed the Short Urban Tale, “Power, Love and Karma.” and “Call Waiting.” She has been featured on the Stellar Award winning All Nations Radio show, UITA Media Radio, and Royalties ATX Radio show. Lid’ya has also been featured in the media blog, “Living Dappled” and “VoyageMIA Magazine.”


She is a graduate of Excelsior College where she earned an Associate’s degree in Administrative and Management Studies and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Professional Studies.

Meet the Team

The "REEL" Melanated Queens Behind the Lens

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To provide high-quality, innovative, and diverse production services.



To enlighten, enrich, and empower women of color in film & TV, on and off-screen. Creating impactful, inclusive stories for television, film, and digital. We pride ourselves on incubating, developing, and producing work that speaks to a cross-cultural audience.